Easy Clean

Work can be a pleasure, but window cleaning is a chore. Exterior window surfaces require constant maintenance, but not so with Neat+ glass. Neat+ means glass stays cleaner longer. And when you must clean your glass, it’ll be easy and fast.
Neat+ uses a combination of static dissipation to reduce the amount of dust on the window’s surface, along with help from the sun to breakdown greenhouse gases and other pollutants to keep the window naturally cleaner.

Neat+ Glass Is the Greener Choice.

In addition to decomposing greenhouse pollutants, Cardinal’s Neat+ fabrication methods also contribute to environmental efficiency.

Cardinal’s patented double-sputtering process permanently deposits silicon and titanium dioxide on the bottom of the glass during the same pass through the coater as our energy-efficient LoĒ coatings, reducing the amount of energy needed to coat both glass surfaces. This combination of Neat+ and LoĒ keeps windows cleaner longer while providing energy savings to the homeowner.

Neat+ Glass: Cleaner, Greener and New.